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Long Days 01-30-06 21:29
well my weekend was supoer fucking bussy, starting friday :)... well heres how it went down:

friday after school i hung out with cynthia and we made up and now where going back out.

then friday night me and nick drove up to seatle at 11 and got there at 3. we slept in the van at ryans house ( a guy from our cs clan).

sat at 8 we drove back down to oregon for the lan clack lan party.

we lan partyed it up with boggles and took second place in the cs terny. was a fucking blast.

sunday night we drove back to seattle and took boggles home and drove down to kelso and slept there for a few hours. got up at 6 and drove the rest of the way home, and slept till 12!

then got up cashed my check and got my new mouse and now im on this computer playing games and what not!
LOL this test is true! 01-23-06 18:03
lol i took this test and you had to put in a few things and you get a % on things your good at...check this...

Sex - 76%
Romance - 96%
Self - Control - 37%
Kissing - 50%
Cuddling - 82%
Kinkiness - 26%
todays a new day.... 01-23-06 00:06
well today was cool, played cs. talked to friends. and played more cs... oh and sadly the broncos lost but hey! the seahawks woN!. wo0t! cant think of anything thats going to happen this week other then practice every night for CAL (counter strike gameing league) and bowling on wensday... but the one thing im looking forward to is friday. im taking chelsey to a movie. shes realy cool and i hope things go well, i wouldnt mind hanging out with her more. well then come sat. i have to get up REALY early to drive to washington to pick up a clan member to take him to the lan party. this way 3 CMF memebrs will own this lan party and hopefuly we come out as the victors!. well sat-sun is all lan stuff. so thats guna be fun...but i realy cant wait till friday. maybe ill invite chelsey to come bowling with us tuesday...hmm i know people i dont know read this. so what do ya'll think? should i invite her? :) leme know!... 01-16-06 02:31
well cynthias pritty much just pushing me out of her life, first it was her moeing me from #1 of her myspace to the bottom, not im off it, and now shes had a rule made saying we cant be in the same ts server. idno whast going on with her, but shes pritty much throwing our freindship away... i wish shed atleast stay friends, but i cant stop her... the world will spin tommrow too
WEll i found out that cynthia likes a guy the just quit teh group of guys i play cs with. hes lives in oklahoma, and shes in oregon, hes 26 and shes 17. i dont like it one bit, and not becuase its a guy.

even though where not going out, i still care about her, and i dont want her to put herself into someone who cant be there for here like someone can who is here.

weve talked and ive decided the best thing to do to keep our relationship that we have ( a freindship) i will support her. Even though i dont think she should like him, i cant stop her.

the reason im confused is because its been 7 days.... i couldnt go right now and find someone... idno if its just me or what, but i couldnt do it.

if cynthia reads this, i dont want her to get mad, i just want her to know no matter what i will support her like i allways have, and as long as she is happy i give her my prayers and love. shes very close to me, and id like to keep here as a close friend. its nice to have someone to turn to and to talk to things about.... shes awsome :)
its hard 01-09-06 00:19
things are hard, i dont knwo how tomrrow is going to be , getting too see cynthia and all. its so hard thinking about all the things that are going to be changeing, 90% involved her in some way. everything from my mornings to my going to bed. id wake up to her, and goto sleep to her. now, i dont know how things are going to be, its just so sad right now, and it hurts, i wish there is something i could do to fix everything and make them go back to normal. but i dont think that is goiing to be happening.
CS practice was today 01-07-06 20:10
well yeah, it was pritty slow, i was getting tierd of people not paying attention to the rules, and i sliped and shot a few people in the head while we where not spose to be doing anything.

Finaly we found a fix for the cs 1.6 no hit box updates, made my day better, lol. i can hit stuff now. idno if poeople read this thing, but if you play 1.6 goto and ask for the fix, well get you it
well ok 01-07-06 01:34
well ok this is my first post, other then the one that was made when i signed on, lol
Hello, 01-06-06 21:03
My name is jesse. I'm new to elowel.